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Top quality spread betting training

At a Malcolm Pryor seminar you get training from a qualified technical analyst and best selling author on spread betting. The seminars are transformational and great value, with attendance capped to ensure a participative and personal atmosphere.

Here is a summary of the training available. Seminars are now organised by a group of traders or an institution applying via email with a proposed date and venue to malcolm@sparkdales.co.uk. Individual traders can apply for one to one coaching.

"Winning At Spread Betting" Seminar

A whole day seminar on spread betting covering these topics:

● PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES which differentiate online financial spread betting winners from losers: selection (firms markets products timeframes strategy characteristics); account operation and management (stops limits risk margin customer service issues planning and monitoring); trading analysis tools (websites software)

● Using TECHNICAL ANALYSIS - matching the tools to the task; overview of specific tools and techniques; getting a market overview / the big picture; shortlisting; screen set ups for overnight and for intra day trading

● Addressing key PSYCHOLOGICAL aspects of spread betting: major pitfalls to avoid; planning and objectives; discipline; thinking in "batches"; components of consistency

● BUILDING SPREAD BETTING STRATEGIES, generic ingredients, specific tools for each ingredient

● IN DEPTH review of TWO SPREAD BETTING STRATEGIES; logic, detailed operational rules, matching to market type

● Finding SOLUTIONS to specific spread betting issues identified by attendees

"Winning Trading Strategies" Seminar

A one day seminar devoted entirely to trading strategies. The seminar follows on from the "Winning At Spread Betting" Seminar which most attendees will have attended. The logic and operational rules for seven different spread betting strategies are examined in depth, from shortlist preparation to trade identification to execution, and the likely market types to use each strategy reviewed. The strategies covered include a range of instruments and time frames and will vary depending on the trader group attending the seminar.              

"Live Trading" Seminar

A one day seminar available to previous attendees of a "Winning At Spread Betting" or "Winning Trading Strategies" seminar. Malcolm Pryor takes trades during the day risking real money, reconfirming the logic and rules for the various strategies employed. This seminar is also a clinic for active traders, attendees identify in advance of the seminar the specific trading issues they want covered during the day.

One to One Coaching

A package of hourly sessions of 1 to 1 discussions with Malcolm Pryor conducted over the internet. The sessions a) are bespoke, based on customer defined specific trading issues or b) follow a predetermined structure or most commonly c) are a mixture of a) and b). Slots for 1 to 1 coaching are limited in number and often all taken, therefore it is a good idea to register interest as soon as possible. Email malcolm@sparkdales.co.uk

Malcolm Pryor is:

  • An industry expert in Spread betting
  • Author of the best seller “The Financial Spread Betting Handbook”
  • Author of 2 other trading books & 2 DVDs
  • A qualified technical analyst (MSTA)


Group Seminars

1 day seminar - "Winning At Spread Betting"£395 per person for a 6 person group, discounts available for larger groups
1 day seminar – "Winning Trading Strategies"     £395 per person for a 6 person group, discounts available for larger groups
1 day seminar – "Live Trading"£395 per person for a 6 person group, discounts available for larger groups
2 seminars same month£645 per person for a 6 person group, discounts available for larger groups
One to One Coaching
1st set of 5x1 hour sessions£1000£200 per session
2nd set of 5x1 hour sessions£875    £175 per session
Each subsequent set of 5x1 hour sessions£750£150 per session